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Hi! We are / 嗨!我們是

Tea Drops Boba Supplies LV

Monday - Saturday

10:00 AM to 6:30 PM


Appointment Only


Located in the heart of Las Vegas Chinatown, Tea Drops Boba Supplies LV is your one stop shop for boba / tea drinks and supplies. We offer a variety of drinks including: tea drinks, milk tea drinks, slushes, smoothies, and etc. We also provide boba and tea supplies including: jelly, popping pearls, syrups, powders, tea leaves, and etc. Come visit us today or give us a call!

位於拉斯維加斯中國城的心臟地帶,Tea Drops Boba Supplies LV 是您的波霸飲料和購買波霸/茶用品的首要去處。 我們提供各種飲品,包括:茶飲料,奶茶飲料,雪泥,冰沙,等等。 我們也提供多品種的波霸和茶用品,包括:果凍,糖漿劑,搽粉,茶葉,等等。歡迎前來參觀或給我們打電話!

Boba / Tea Supplies / 波霸/茶用品


Powder / 粉劑

Here at Tea Drops Boba Supplies we carry many flavors of powder for blending smoothie or for making milk tea drinks. These powder can be used in many different uses for such as bakery, cake, cookies, coffee, and much more. Please give these wonderful flavoring powder a try.

我們提供許多不同的粉劑選擇。 這些粉劑可以使用在許多不同的用途,如烤麵包,蛋糕,餅乾,沖咖啡,以及更多!


Syrup / 糖漿

Tea Drops Boba Supplies is currently supplying to many businesses in Las Vegas for their flavoring needs. Some of the top seller flavors include strawberry, peach, watermelon and passion fruit.

Tea Drops Boba Supplies 目前提供的許多拉斯維加斯企業的糖漿需求。一些最暢銷的口味包括草莓,桃,西瓜和百香果。


Popping Pearls & Boba / 彈出波霸珍珠

Popping pearl is a fruity juice ball that is created with real fruit juice inside while coated with a clear gummy like skin outside. Eating it feels as if you are enjoying a juice filled caviar. It is a wonderful topping for dessert and drinks.

Popping pearl (彈出波霸珍珠) 是一種有果汁味的波霸珍珠。 比通常的波霸珍珠有更多的口感。


Other Supplies / 其他用品

Tea Drops Boba supplies also have a variety range of other supplies including: straws, cups, and etc. Please give us a call or come check it out.


FAQS / 常見問題

We open Monday to Saturday from 10:00 AM to 6:30 PM. Sunday is open by appointment only. However, free feel to call us during our off hours.

我們開放時間為週一至週六上午 10:00 至下午 6:30。週日僅限預約開放。歡迎隨時隨地打電話給我們。
Yes, we do offer free delivery only if you order a certain amount. Call us to learn more.

We might give discount if you buy in bulk volume. Call us to learn more.